Benefit from 15c5 Feed-in Tariff until 30th April, 2015

Benefit from 15c5 Feed-in Tariff until 30th April, 2015

Prime Solar is happy to provide its clients with a PREMIUM QUOTE for a solar system perfect fit for your home and assist with the application process for a Feed-in tariff of 15.5 cents/kWh.
Call us now to provide you with more information on how to invest in the energy efficiency of your home and get paid for the energy your own solar system generates.
The Feed-in Tariff announced by Malta Resource Authority ensures payment of 15.5 cents for every kilowatt hour exported to the grid for the next 20 years. The tariff applies to everyone – whether businesses, households or other property owner. To qualify for this tariff you should file in an application in the Malta Resource Authority by 30th April, 2015. PrimeSolar shall guide you to through the process to ensure that all needed documents are submitted on time and that you benefit from the energy your own house generates.

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How does the Feed-in tariff work?

Feed-In Tariff

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