Dutch solar simulator startup raises €2 million

Dutch solar simulator startup raises €2 million

Eternal Sun, a spin-off from Delft University of Technology in Holland has announced that it has raised €2 million ($2.5 million) in A round financing to continue rolling out its solar simulator technology. Belgian’s Vermec is the investor.

As module cell and module efficiencies climb ever higher, flashing and solar simulator technologies continue to develop. Holland’s Eternal Sun has developed a full-sized solar simulator for the testing and certification of modules. In closing its A investment round this week, the startup says that it is better positioned to meet “growing demand” from manufacturers, testing and certification bodies.

“In an era of continuous improvement of solar modules, our solar simulation systems are in high demand with customers that aim to accurately test the performance and reliability of their solar technology,” said Chokri Mousaoui, founder and CEO of Eternal Sun. “We are delighted to have Vermec as an investment partner,” Mousaoui added. “The founders of Vermec are successful entrepreneurs, and they invest their own money in other entrepreneurs.”

Vermec CEO Michel Verhaeren said that Eternal Sun represented a talented team set to grow the business.

“We are excited about Eternal Sun because the company focuses on the intersection of the solar industry and quality assurance, both of which are gaining importance worldwide,” said Vermec’s Verhaeren.

In September Eternal Sun delivered its sun simulator technology to the Turkish Standards Institute’s (TSE) labs. TSE intends to use the Eternal Sun simulator for both PV and solar thermal testing and certification. In announcing the supply, Eternal Sun’s CTO Stefan Roest said that the capability to test both PV (IEC61215 and IEC61646) and solar thermal (EN12975) technologies makes it unique.

“The AAA-class simulator, which is able to do both pulsed and continuous measurements, is especially suited for measuring the latest thin-film PV technologies as well as emerging types such as OPV, dye sensitized or perovskite,” said Eternal Sun’s Roest. “With this equipment, TSE is fully prepared for the future.”

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