Mining Location

Our mining is located at Sinai Abu Zenima and Ras Gharib. Sinai desert is a triangular peninsula in Egypt about 60.000 km2 (23.000 Square miles) in area. The sand in Sinai desert is largely known for its high quality and elevated percentage of silica. Our minefield area is 2000 m2, depth about 25-27 meters, annual capacity is around 500.000 MT (Metric Ton).

 Applications and Specifications

Silica sand can be used in following areas characterized by different silica content (% SiO2):
– Glass and mirror manufacturing
– Filtering and purification (water, petrol, etc…)
– Smelter industry
– Steel industry
– Ceramic and ceramic granite manufacturing
– Metallurgic industry
– Chemical industry
– Construction industry

SiO2 contents, humidity and volumetric specifications. S99.8, S99.7, S99.4
– SiO2 content: SiO2 > 99%
– Humidity: dry < 0,09%
– Low Iron content: Fe2O3 < 0.012%